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Valve Surgery

Heart valve surgery is used to repair or replace diseased heart valves. Blood that flows between different chambers of your heart must flow through a heart valve. Blood that flows out of your heart into large arteries must flow through a heart valve. These valves open up enough so that blood can flow through. They then close, keeping blood from flowing backward.

There are four valves in your heart: Aortic valve, mitral valve, tricuspid valve and pulmonary valve.

You may need surgery if your valve does not work properly. A valve that does not close all the way will allow blood to leak backwards. This is called regurgitation. A valve that does not open fully will limit forward blood flow. This is called stenosis.

The average hospital stay for a patient undergoing valve surgery is between five and seven days. Complete recovery will take a few weeks to several months, depending on your health before surgery. The success rate of heart valve surgery is high. The operation can relieve your symptoms and prolong your life.

Mechanical heart valves do not often fail. Artificial valves last an average of eight to 20 years, depending on the type of valve.

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Nishant D. Patel, MD

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