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Saurabh Sanon, MD, FACC

Saurabh Sanon, MD, FACC

Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology
Palm Beach Gardens 33410

Creating Hope

Bernard’s Story

Bernard Cohen
My aortic valve was completely calcified. I’m told now that this calcium had built up over time during my adult life. I knew something was different when I was short of breath all the time. I could only walk about 50-feet without becoming winded. My loved ones suggested I see a cardiologist.

My cardiologist sent me to be admitted to the hospital immediately due to concerns with my heart rate; I went directly to the hospital at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. It was a good thing that I went to the hospital because my pulse had almost grounded to a halt and was all the way down to 40. As soon as I arrived, Dr. Saurabh Sanon, an interventional cardiologist and structural heart disease specialist, was there to greet me and investigate what was wrong with my heart.

Dr. Sanon used a cardiac catheter to see what was going on in my heart. The cardiac catheterization that Dr. Sanon performed was actually accessed through my wrist. After the cardiac cath and echocardiogram, Dr. Sanon told me my aortic heart valve was bad and that would have to be replaced.

Subsequently I had an appointment at Dr. Sanon’s office on the campus of the hospital at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. Gloria, Dr. Sanon’s office manager is amazing! She helped me get everywhere I needed to go, the office was clean and organized and I was seen in a timely manner.

My condition was quite bad and just within a few weeks, I could only walk about 15-20 feet at home and I was short of breath. In view of my condition I was scheduled for valve remplacement at the earliest opening.

I had a transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) by Dr. Sanon on a Monday. The TAVR was an alternative to open heart surgery. During and after the procedure, I felt no pain. I’m 93-years-old and I recovered quickly. I was discharged on Thursday of the same week. Dr. Sanon was fantastic. He and the team at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center are superb. Dr. Sanon did a tremendous job fixing my heart valve. Thank you Dr. Sanon!

Creating Hope

Armand’s Story

Dr. Saurabh Sanon and Armand Paris
I had a similar type of transcatheter aortic aortic valve replacement (TAVR) heart procedure on the same day Sir Mick Jagger, lead singer of the Rolling Stones had his TAVR procedure for a leaky heart valve.

My heart problems started in 2002. I was in Switzerland at the time and had a triple bypass on my heart. Since then, everything has been OK and I haven’t had any issues. I was a mechanical engineer traveling around the world.

I came here to Florida in 2010 and I have been seeing my cardiologist for check-ups three times a year. I am very particular with health; I want to make sure that I have been keeping up with my health exams. My cardiologist did let me know that one of my heart valves could be a concern down the road, the aortic valve was too tight and I may need some sort of cardiac interventional procedure. They were just watching it. At my next appointment about two months later my cardiologist said, Armand, it’s time to do something about your aortic valve.

At first, I was concerned because I had open heart surgery before and was hoping not to have it again. I was surprised when my cardiologist said to me, listen you probably won’t need open-heart surgery, there is a new way to do it where they don’t need to open up the heart anymore and that they can change the valve without opening the chest. My cardiologist told me he was going to send me to Dr. Saurabh Sanon.

Dr. Sanon thoroughly explained the TAVR procedure to me and after consultations with his “Heart Team” including two CT surgeons I was told I may be a candidate for a TAVR. I was very pleased to hear that news.

Upon meeting Dr. Sanon, I thought he was a nice man and a doctor. He explained in detail what it was that needed to be done with my heart. I was surprised to see how informative he was about this procedure. He said that since I was a mechanical engineer that he was going to explain it to me so I would understand it exactly.

During the TAVR procedure, I didn’t feel any pain. Dr. Sanon made me feel very comfortable. I felt good going to his office in Palm Beach Gardens and the hospital to talk to people. They even had a patient navigator for me at the hospital. Before my TAVR procedure I was having dome symptoms like shortness of breath, a little bit but nothing I wasn’t used to.

At my pre-surgery and post-surgery consultations at Dr. Sanon’s office, this group, and I should say I have been to a lot of doctor’s offices and hospitals, and this group right here is very good. They’re always nice and on-time. I like that when you get to their office, you don’t have to wait forever. You come here to Dr. Sanon’s office and they’re always here with a smile ready to help you if you have questions.

I give Dr. Sanon’s group a thumb’s up! They’re top-notch!

Today, I feel good. I’m back to woodworking. Since I have retired I do a lot of woodworking. It’s a good way to keep busy. I like to do that, I make furniture, stuff for around the house. You have to keep yourself busy. I guess my heart valve didn’t turn out to be my “Beast of Burden” (hit song by the Rolling Stones written by Mick Jagger).

Creating Hope

Alex’s Story

Dr. Saurabh Sanon and Alex Nayda standing in office.

Real Estate, bartending consultant, front-of-house supervisor | Miami, South-Beach resident

A serious motor scooter accident in Miami resulted in a traumatic brain injury for Alex Nayda but it was a chest-wall trauma during the crash that initially led him to require a surgical tricuspid valve replacement. This finally led him to Dr. Saurabh Sanon who performed the first tricuspid heart valve-in-valve implantation in South Florida. Dr. Sanon’s effort saved Nayda’s life.

“My friend was studying to be a sonogram tech and asked if she could practice with the sonogram by listening to my heart. She heard or saw something out of the ordinary and told me to go directly to the hospital. At the hospital the staff told me my tricuspid heart valve was torn and that I needed surgical tricuspid valve replacement,” Nayda said.

Alex Nayda standing with Dr. Saurabh Sanon in his office.

Symptoms progressed for Alex. “One day I passed out in Home Depot and had no stamina. Another day I got so tired after visiting my primary care physician that I had to pull my car over and rest until I had enough energy to carry-on with my day. I literally dialed 911 but never sent the call,” Nayda said.

Nayda soon underwent surgical tricuspid valve replacement. He was sent to intensive care for two straight days after the surgery and then, he spent a week in the hospital. However, not too long after discharge Nayda had to go back to the emergency room. He was told that his surgical tricuspid valve had started failing prematurely. He was told the risk of performing repeat open heart surgery for another tricuspid valve replacement would be prohibitive.

It was then that Nayda began seriously searching for someone who could fix his failing tricuspid valve using a minimally invasive interventional approach.

Thankfully, Nayda’s family found Dr. Saurabh Sanon, a structural heart disease specialist and interventional cardiologist with Tenet Florida Cardiovascular Care (TFCC) in Palm Beach Gardens. Less than three days after meeting Dr. Sanon, Nayda became the first person in South Florida to receive a tricuspid heart valve-in-valve implantation. Nayda’s recovery progressed and was discharged home after a one day stay in the hospital.

“Few specialists have the training to perform such a procedure and we felt confident with Dr. Sanon as we read about his skill-set and expertise,” Nayda said.

Immediately after Dr. Sanon performed this procedure, Nayda said he felt better.

“I felt more lucid, back to normal, and remember saying to my family I actually have energy. Tuesday I had surgery and by Thursday I was home relaxing.”

“Today, I feel good. I’m slowly building up my stamina and getting stronger physically. My only doctor visits for my heart are check-ups one or two times a year,” Nayda said.

“Dr. Sanon was a God-send! He did the tricuspid heart valve-in-valve implantation when no one else could!”

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