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Neil  Galindez, MD

Neil Galindez, MD

Cardiac Surgery, Thoracic Surgery
Lauderdale Lakes 33313, Delray Beach 33484

Creating Hope

Barbara’s Story

Barbara and Norman at dinner table.

Barbara Eintracht | Medical Credentialing

Barbara Eintracht and Norman Kaplan were sitting in front of the ice cream parlor when her left hand stiffened and unexplainably bent upward towards the sky.

She didn’t know at the time but Barbara had just suffered a seizure.

“I had never seen a seizure before. I couldn’t figure it out so I immediately called 911,” Norman said.

In most cases, a seizure would be seen as a bad thing. But, in Barbara’s case, the seizure disorder led to a cardiac catheterization which discovered three of the four arteries travelling to her heart were 80 percent clogged. The fourth artery was almost 80 percent blocked.

“I was having a hard time breathing I was still going to work every day but something wasn’t right because I just couldn’t catch my breath,” Barbara said.

Dr. Neil Galindez, a cardiothoracic surgeon, was called onto the case and performed a quadruple bypass surgery on Barbara. During the open-heart surgery, Dr. Galindez discovered Barbara was suffering from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a cardiac ailment which causes the heart muscle to develop an unusual thickness. Dr. Galindez performed a septal myectomy to remove part of her septum which had been limiting blood flow from the left ventricle of Barbara’s heart to her aorta due to the hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

“I had no other choice. If I hadn’t had the surgery I would have died. You sit up and listen real hard when somebody says that. Prior to the surgery any kind of physical activity I did was exhausting. After the surgery, once I got out of the ICU, I noticed the difference right away because I was breathing. It was really the myectomy that allowed me to breathe again,” Barbara said.

Barbara added, “I went to my cardiologist and he couldn’t believe it. He said I don’t even hear a murmur. My cardiologist said I don’t hear anything (out of the ordinary) so he (Dr. Galindez) did a great job.”

Next, Barbara met with Dr. Galindez for a follow-up appointment at his Lauderdale Lakes office.

“What I like most about Dr. Galindez is that he’s sort of like a teacher. He tells you exactly what’s going on. I understand half of the (heart) language because I’ve been in medicine a long time. I was a practice manager for an OB/GYN office and recently worked in a medical credentialing department,” Barbara said.

Barbara’s surgery was performed by Dr. Galindez at Florida Medical Center, a campus of North Shore in Fort Lauderdale.

“I said whatever you do Dr. Galindez can you please check with Barbara’s cardiologist? She’s been with him for 15 years or so. Dr. Galindez didn’t do anything until he had a cardiac consultation with Barbara’s cardiologist. I thought that was important that he just didn’t go ahead and perform the surgery. I wanted them (the cardiologist and Dr. Galindez) to be on the same page and they were,” Norman said.

Barbara said two months post open-heart surgery she and Norman got back their quality of life and often going out to local restaurants for dinner.

“It’s not the quantity of life, it’s not how many years you live but it’s the quality of life that’s what we say. We wouldn’t even be going out to dinner together anymore if it wasn’t for Dr. Galindez. If I ever know anyone who needs a cardiothoracic surgeon I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Dr. Neil Galindez,” Norman said.

Creating Hope

Peter’s Story

Peter Bohnsack

Peter Bohnsack, cashier at Penny’s for heaven, member Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, leader of Architecture Committee.

After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, I was moving debris at my home in Louisiana, when I hurt both of my hips, I would need surgery to repair the degeneration in just a few years and sure enough during a physical, prior to being considered for orthopaedic surgery, my doctor noticed atrial fibrillation (AFib) or an irregular heartbeat. I had to have the AFib fixed first because no one’s going to operate on you with a fluttery heart. I was referred to my cardiologist, Dr. Craig Vogel, for a cardioversion, a procedure where a cardiologist uses electric paddles to shock the heart back in rhythm.

I did comment while I was in the office of Dr. Vogel that I felt fatigued at times, which was more or less an indicator. We had gone to the Holy Land for 16 days in March and there was one day I decided to just rest. When you’re walking up and down all those steps and through the streets of Jerusalem it can be very tiring. I was tired but my wife and I are in shape. We walk a lot and did so before this trip. I didn’t understand why I was fatigued and thought it must be something else.Dr. Vogel and Peter Bohnsack

About two weeks after the cardioversion procedure, I went in for a check-up with my primary care physician and was informed the AFib had returned. My primary care physician referred me back to Dr. Vogel. I was given a couple of names of doctors specializing in minimally invasive heart surgery. I talked to them and chose Dr. David Weisman, not only for his perspective, but for his plan of bringing in Dr. Neil Galindez in for a two-step process they recommend called the Convergent Procedure.

They do two things, one procedure is up through the arteries to the heart and the chambers and another procedure operates on the outside of the heart where there could be some problems. In my case, Dr. Weisman maneuvered a catheter used for cardiac ablation, up through my arteries and into the heart’s chambers to discover and fix any issues causing weakness inside of my heart. Then, Dr. Galindez performed minimally invasive surgery to repair cardiac ailments he discovered on the outside of my heart.

I had gone to Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center early in the morning for the convergent procedure. I remember during the pre-op, the staff told me they were giving me something to relax me. The next thing I know, I woke up in recovery with Dr. Weisman and Dr. Galindez coming into the room to check on me immediately after I woke-up. I was very impressed with that quick of a follow-up. The doctors were interested in how I was doing and took the time to talk to me. Over a couple of days, on a regular basis, they kept checking in to see how things were going with me. The doctors had talked, informed and updated my wife, Julie, of my status immediately after the procedure. She was happy with the care I received. That reinforced my belief that I made a good choice of choosing these physicians.

Four days later, I felt a lot better. The days and weeks after the procedure, I stopped feeling most of the fatigue that I had previously felt. I’ve gone back to walking and exercise. I have had a few follow-up appointments at Dr. Weisman’s and Dr. Galindez’s office in Palm Beach Gardens. The office staff is very nice. Even when I come bopping in unannounced to drop something off for Dr. Weisman or Dr. Galindez, when I’m on this side of town, the office staff is very courteous and easy to get to know on a name-to-name basis.

Dr. Weisman is very positive and I was really impressed with Dr. Galindez’s expertise. I don’t remember ever really having any pain from the surgery. Everything is minimally invasive, even when Dr. Galindez operates on the heart from the outside of the heart. I just had a small incision below my breast plate. It’s amazing what they can do now with the tools they have available to them. I remember hearing just decades ago, where in heart surgery, surgeons had to break the rib cage to get to the heart during surgery.

Most of my activities pivot around the Good Shephard Episcopal Church in Tequesta. I’m also head of the architectural review committee at the condominium complex that I live in. Four days after my convergent procedure for AFib, I was back at church doing the things I love.

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