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Know Your Heart

This American Heart Month get to Know Your Heart.

Each week we will feature five tips to raise awareness of heart disease and help to increase your heart health. Learn heart healthy eating tips, heart disease risk factors, heart disease warning signs, and heart healthy exercises and stress buster tips. Learning steps to finding a heart healthy lifestyle is an essential component of your overall health.

Click on the icons below to learn our Heart Healthy Tips.

Week One – Heart Health Eating Tips






Week Two – Heart Disease Risk Factors

DNA strand iconCholesterol monitor iconHeart Icon

Sleeping person icon






Week Three – Heart Disease Warning Signs

Heart with Crack icon

Light bulb icon

Heart with EKG icon

Heart in the shape of a stethoscope icon

Female icon




Week Four – Heart Healthy Exercise & Stress Buster Tips

Icon of a man running with a heart and ekg in backgroundMan meditating iconIcon of a hand holding a heartIcon of blue dumbbellsIcon of blue stairs